Fact Check: Adopted 9 Yr Old Kills Whole New Family Because He Couldn’t Have His Own Room

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Police were called to the 1900 block of sheriff road in seat pleasant, Maryland to find 7 members of the smith family slaughtered by 9 year old Damien Thorne.

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Police were called to the 1900 block of sheriff road in seat pleasant, Maryland to find 7 members of the smith family slaughtered by 9 year old Damien Thorne.

Damien was adopted by the smiths last week and was angry because he had to share a room with his brother bobby.

He used a 38 caliber pistol and shot every member of the family while they lay asleep. He then calmly went to back his room laid down and went bank to bed.

He was there for 3 days until s neighbor came by because of the smell. He has been transported to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

The names of all the deceased have not yet been released. Stay tuned for updates.

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If someone reading this information at the bottom of the page of this website he/she will easily come to know that one have to think twice before he believes the news published on this satire site.

However the images used in this site for the image representation purpose is from the doll house.

On the third floor of the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for the state of Maryland, in Baltimore, the United States, the chief medical officer and his deputies deliver lectures to trainee police officers on the art and science of crime scene investigation. The medium of choice for such seminars is, of course, PowerPoint presentations, but the instructors have other tools in their arsenal. One one side is a series of 18 glass cases, each containing a dollhouse-like diorama depicting gruesome crime scenes. In one, a lady appears to have been shot dead on the bed while sleeping. A man lies sprawling on the floor next to her, his night clothes stained with blood. The room is in a disarray. Inside another glass case, a body has been violently shoved down into a bath tub with the water running. There is blood on the floor and tiny hand prints on the bathroom tiles.

Lee created these miniature crime scenes, on a scale of one inch to one foot, from actual police cases from the 1930s and 1940s, assembled through police reports and court records to depict the crime as it happened and the scene as it was discovered.

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