Fact Check: Chicken Masala spice by Patanjali viral on social media

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Hight of hypocracy, A man who preaches to be Shakahari sells Chicken Masala #FraudRamdev #Patanjali

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Fact Check by Ayupp– Fake

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Chicken Masala’ spice by ‘Patanjali

Hight of hypocracy, A man who preaches to be Shakahari sells Chicken Masala #FraudRamdev #Patanjali


Viral Message Verification –   This is a fake message being widely shared on the social media. There is no fact on the news; this is just a imagination of some people who can truly write such news and to create a negative awareness towards the brand Patanjali.

People are widely sharing this news on the social media and Baba Ramdev is widely critized for selling this Chicken Masala.

However it is quite known that the company doesn’t sells any Chicken related products. There are many products of Ramdev and all related to Veg related items.

However chicken related products were sold on http://www.patanjalifoodsonline.com/product/chicken-masala/ (link not available now) a site based in London. However they have removed the chicken related products now.

Officially Patanjali do not sell any product related to chicken.

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