Viral Message-  A female worker was taped to the wall in her office for ignoring the traffic rule.

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Fact Check by Ayupp– True

Viral Message Example- The picture is being circulated in social media like Weibo, a Twitter and facebook with caption 'See how poor my pretty colleague, she got found out by our boss for not wearing a seat belt while driving’.

 Viral Message Verification –  The picture was posted on 27 September on social media account of web user ‘  TianTianWoShiNiSanGe'. One can see in the picture that a girl is taped with black and yellow tap to the wall. Other colleague can be seen ignoring her and busy with their work. It seems that nothing is new for them.

The picture also includes few more rules for the office workers.

  • The unusual rules mentioned workers be punished to tape to wall for not wearing seat belts while driving.
  • 'Female workers are allowed to take a sick leave when they have periods; male workers can do so if their girlfriends are having periods.'
  • 'Working hours are 11:00am to 5:00pm. Any late comers or early leavers will have to crawl out of the office.'


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