Viral Message: Dunkin Donuts scam is being widely shared across the social media like facebook and twitter claiming free dozen donuts.

eMessage on – Social media and internet

Fact Check by Ayupp– Fake

Viral Message Example –

I love Dunkin Donuts they are very delicious how to make sure I have one and a coffee every morning


Viral Message Verification-   So people just for you to know THIS IS A SCAM... Dunkin Donuts will not honor the coupon, then I ended up buying a donut ( ruining my good eating habits haha) just because I was already craving one...
This proves that not everything that you see on Facebook is true... including coupons, and some other personal posts... if it is too good to be true, it probably is... have a good day all!

You have been selected to take part in our short survey to get a Free Box of Doughnuts at Dunkin' Donuts! We only have 332 Boxes remaining so hurry up!

Clicking of this links will lead you to a page to further add more details, starting from three question at the start like

1/3: Have you ever visited at Dunkin' Donuts?

2/3: You prefer Dunkin' Donuts because of?

3/3: Are you satisfied by the services of Dunkin' Donuts?

Once you select this three answers, you will be further asked to like and share the page.

Share this page by clicking "SHARE" button and type "Thanks for my coupon" in the comments field!

This is the trick to further increase of sharing and view by other people.  Do not share this fake news information further.

There are many Facebook coupon scams operating in the same manner over the years, and the problem has been present for years. Beware of such scams and think before sharing any of your personal information such as email, phone number etc

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Olivia Murakami is an Indian fact-checker and news writer, writing news for Ayupp since 2014.

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