Fact Check: Is Pakistani player Umar Akmal is dead?

Viral Message: Umar had been caught up in the violent protests which broke out in various parts of Pakistan, and has been killed in one of them.

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Fact Check by Ayupp– False/Fake/news

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A photo is roaming on WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter in social media of Pakistan cricket player  Umar Akmal, that he died in Lahore. After that people started writing RIP and the news became viral all over the world. A photo is also getting viral, in which a man like Umar Akmal is lying in the hospital.

As soon as Umar Akmal heard the news, he posted a tweet and video on social media and told that this news is false and he is absolutely safe. Umar tweeted:

 “As salaam alaikum guys (Peace be unto you). By the grace of Allah I am safe. All the news doing the rounds is fake. You will see me live at the semifinals. And I request everyone not to spread news like this. Thank you very much.”

As soon as Umar told the news, the fans started making remarks again. So these false news should not spread. Umar Akmal played his last ODI against Australia on 26 January 2017. He is currently running out of the team but is working hard to return to the team.

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