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Fact check: Is the Viral Video Claiming ‘Kamlesh Soluchan’ Is Safe & In School is real?

Viral Message: A video showing a 13-year-old boy Kamlesh Sulochan is safe and in school

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Fact Check by Ayupp– False/Fake/news

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 A video is being viral on social media of a young boy Kamlesh from Bhopal.You may also remember  the name, because everywhere people made fun of him . Let us tell you, this video clip is about Dheeraj Sharma's documentary film- Nashebaaz

- The Dying People of Delhi'. This video was made to give a strong message but unfortunately  it went viral only for the wrong reasons.

Seeing this video viral Uday Foundation has come out to help.

Dheeraj Sharma, the director of the documentary film 'Nashebaaz' made some shocking revelations on this whole issue. Dheeraj said, "Kamalesh was shot at Rajiv Chowk in Delhi,6 years ago. It took me four years to complete this documentary. About two years ago I made a documentary."

Today Kamlesh is not there,no one knows. Kamlesh will be around 19 years old today. The Uday Foundation has asked for the 'child' which he has chosen to find, is not there.

Well, now another video has emerged which supposedly shows the boy in a 'rehabilitated condition'. In the video, the boy is seen dressed in a school uniform. When asked if he still consumes 'soluchan', the boy says no.

However, the documentary's director Dheeraj Sharma claimed that the video is fake. Sharma has confirmed that the boy in the video isn't Kamlesh.

"I made this documentary six years ago. The boy Kamlesh now is eighteen years old. This is an attempt to mislead public to gain fake publicity," he said.

He, however, denied to give out any information or whereabouts about Kamlesh. "I don't want media to run after him now." added.

He also said he is not even allowed to share the boy's details with the media legally.

Sharma also has a message for those people who expressed happiness about the fake video by sharing and commenting online.

Here some of the reactions shared on socialmedia.

He further added "If people are genuinely concerned about him, I would request them to actually help all those Kamleshs who are battling drug addiction in Delhi streets.’’

If you see carefully the kid in the new video doesn’t look and doesn’t sound  like Kamlesh. There are some irresponsible people who  bring out a fake video just for their popularity .