Fact Check: Man Finds Friend Sleeping With His Sex Robot, Beats Him To Death

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Viral Message: A Portland man has been arrested after, according to police, “beating the living sh*t out of” his friend for allegedly sleeping with his sex robot.

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Fact Check by Ayupp Fake

Viral message example-  A Portland man has been arrested after, according to police, “beating the living sh*t out of” his friend for allegedly sleeping with his sex robot.

Mark Len, 23, was arrested for nearly beating his friend to death after he found him sleeping with his sex robot. According to police, Mark was out of town for 2 days and left his friend Noah in charge of his dog. However after returning home, Mark found Noah in his bed having sex with his sex robot, at which point Mark began beating up Noah.

“We found the guy f*cked up”, said Officer Patrick Peterson, “If i didn’t know i would’ve thought Mike Tyson beat his ass”. Noah was then taken to a local hospital where he is being treated in serious condition,

Mark later told authorities the sex robot was his soulmate and he intended to marry her. Mark and his sex robot have since split. Mark may is being charged with aggravated assault.

Viral Message Verification:-

This is a clear fake message generated by the famous satirical site huzlers.com known for many similar stories. The image taken in the picture is of Trainee chef Dan Stringer and is quite old. This picture was taken back when Dan Stringer was 17 years old in 2012. The person in the picture left for dead after being chased and savagely beaten by a gang of Asians in a suspected racist attack.

He was left in the road, bleeding and barely conscious, as the gang melted away into the night.

Daniel’s family issued pictures of the teenager lying seriously ill in hospital with a fractured skull and fractured eye socket. They say the nerves behind his eyes have been damaged and he could be left with impaired vision.

The incident occurred at about 10.15pm last Saturday when he and his best friend Kavan Brown, also 17, were walking in Hyde, Greater Manchester, when they passed a takeaway.

Inside was a group of Asian men and a woman. Without provocation one of the men produced a knife and made a threatening gesture at the teenagers through the window, suggesting they were going to have their throats cut.

The huzlers claims in the about us section of its page as it is a satire site “Huzlers.com is the most infamous fauxtire & satire entertainment website in the world. If it's trending on social media you'll find it here!”.


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