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As claimed in the viral message, “A new law goes into effect September 1st 2017 that will essentially make it a misdemeanor to paint rocks.”

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Fact Check by Ayupp– Fake

Viral Message Example - A new law goes into effect September 1st 2017 that will essentially make it a misdemeanor to paint rocks. Even more severe, if you are caught hiding "painted rocks" in public spaces you can be charged with a felony and face hefty fines or even jail time.

Lauren Painter, a spokesman for the Virginia Public Health Organization states, "Painting and hiding rocks in and around the country is becoming an epidemic. At first it is just once or twice a week. Before you know it, you are skipping meals and staying awake until early in the morning painting."

A former "rocker", who wishes to remain anonymous, told reporters that for her it started out as " family activity. After only about a month, I was forgetting to feed my kids, not sleeping, and hiding the "best rocks" from friends and family.

State health officials warn VA residence to contact their local law enforcement immediately or call 800-ROCKHLP if they know someone who has lost control because of the new craze.l, especially if there are children involved

Viral Message Verification –   This is just a prank news created to be spread and shared among its users. The fact check of the news is that it is fake and holds no relevancy.
The viral news is created by users on the site breakingnews365 as a part of a prank and is being shared among the people.

The website clearly mentions in its information below the page “This website is an entertainment website, news are created by users. These are humourous news, fantasy, fictional, that should not be seriously taken or as a source of information.”.

So it is just prank, no one should be worried.

The image used in the viral message is just a hand painted stone and it is not banned yet in any country for doing such creativity.


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