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A viral message being circulating on the social media claims that India has the highest number of VIP whereas other countries have much less VIP’ in comparison to India.

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Fact Check by Ayupp– Fake / SPAM / Misinformation

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*Britain has an official number of 84 VIPs!*

*France has 109 VIPs!*

*Japan has 125 VIPs!*


*Germany has 142!*

*The total number of VIPs in the USA are 252!*

*Russia 312!*


*The total number of VIPs in China is 435!*

*India has a total no of 5,79,092 VIPs!*

*Just imagine the mounting bills of Security, Flight Bills, Foriegn Travel & Vacation, Conveyance, Free Electricity, Free Water, Subsidized High Quality food in Canteens & other perks!*

*It is sickening!*

*Cutting down this no to below 300 is as urgent is the best reform for our country!*

*Remember this huge Army of largely political VIPs who are squandering valuable national resources meant for the common people of this country!*

*Share to build public opinion against this ridiculous nonsense!*


Viral Message Verification – No doubt India is the one of the most populated countries in the world, so this have also given large number of politicians, businessmen, sport personalities, Media famous actors and actresses and many other from different sectors. There are large number of this people who enjoy special privileges.  

As per the facebook and other share the number says India has a total no of 5,79,092 VIPs!, looks to be a fake claim, indeed the number of VIP has crossed over 450 and more, but the number given in the shared information is absolutely not correct.

In 2015 Indian government mulled to prepare a list of VIPs, so that they get easy immigration at US airports, and initially government thought of keeping 2,000 odd names in the list which could go up to 15,000 in years to come. Nevertheless, the list is expected to swell,

On 22 April, 2017 the government gave away the Red beacons, which itself was one of the biggest VIP culture followed in India.

On Wednesday, April 19, 2017, the Union Cabinet decided to amend the Motor Vehicle Rules to end the use of red or any coloured beacon by all, including the President, Vice President and the Prime Minister. “Every Indian is special. Every Indian is a VIP,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted soon after.

End of Red Beacons : A big blow to  VIP culture

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