Brief Outline: Kashmir Pen, a weekly newspaper operating from Srinagar, republished a article , CIA Issues Posthumous Apology After New Evidence Clears Osama Bin Laden Of Involvement In 9/11 Attacks  

Facts Check: Fake

What is Viral? (Below content from the website theonion)

The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency extends its most sincere and heartfelt apologies not only to Mr. bin Laden, but also to his grieving family and the many friends who stood by his side,” said an emotional Haspel, acknowledging for the first time that the CIA had based its entire 9/11 investigation on the testimony of a single, questionably reliable eyewitness who later recanted.

“Our organization acted in haste and without full knowledge, and in doing so, took the life of a loving husband, father, businessman, and highly effective community organizer. We understand there is nothing we can do or say will bring Osama back, but we hope the bin Laden family will accept restitution of $18 million in recognition of their pain and suffering.

No one deserves to endure what you have been through.” Haspel further confirmed that the agency was now operating under the assumption that Zacarias Moussaoui acted alone in perpetrating the events of 9/11. ( The Onion )

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Facts Check Analysis:

A Kashmir weekly newspaper Kashmir Pen, theonion, published the same news titled, “CIA Issues Posthumous Apology After New Evidence Clears Osama Bin Laden Of Involvement In 9/11 Attacks”. This news in Kasmir can make many to believe that the news is true and can lead to many sympathizers towards the late Osama Bin Laden.

The onion is a satire website, has been running over the years and have produced over thousand’s of satire news. The above news was one of them, as there has not been a single news or event where Bin Laden was issued Posthumous Apology. so the viral news in the social media is fake news.

The article on the onion are not real and pure work of fiction.

Wikipedia states “The Onion is an American digital media company and newspaper organization that publishes satirical articles on international, national, and local news.”

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