Fake Image of Rahul Gandhi, Aurangzeb in background viral on social media

Image source social media

Brief Outline: A Photo of Rahul Gandhi with Aurangzeb painting calling it a picture of a patriot is viral over the social media.

Facts Check: Fake

What is Viral? 

इन देशभक्तों ने यह कौन से देश भक्त की तस्वीर लगा रखी है


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Facts Check Analysis: The Image with Aurangzeb painting in the background and Rahul writing something is not real. However many people are simply sharing it across the social media claiming this to be true.

See the true picture below, An article published in The Indian Express article on 4 December 2017, titled, “Congress hails Rahul Gandhi’s elevation as beginning ‘new era’: Who said what” had the same image. Except, the original image has a Mahatma Gandhi portrait in the background, and not Aurangzeb’s.

Congress hails Rahul Gandhi's elevation as beginning 'new era': Who said what

As Rahul Gandhi filed his nomination for the post of Congress president, Twitter flooded with wishes from party leaders, all of whom hailed Rahul's expected elevation to the post. The Twitter handle of Congress referred to the development as the beginning of a 'new era'.

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