Viral Message: Weed smokers rejoice, The state of Florida can now be added to the growing list of US states that have past bills to legalize the use marijuana.

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Viral message example- Weed smokers rejoice, The state of Florida can now be added to the growing list of US states that have past bills to legalize the use marijuana.

The bill to legalize marijuana for medical and recreational use in the state was first presented at the state capital back in July is expected to be in place by Easter. Lawmakers have finally given the go-ahead citing it will jump-start the economy and create new jobs.

“This bill is so much more than legalizing marijuana—it’s about legalizing opportunity and prosperity,” said Democratic leader Janet Cruz. “The state budget was due two weeks ago, and Florida simply can’t afford to wait any longer. We deserve a real plan to create new jobs and stimulate our lagging economy, and that’s what this bill is.”

Cruz believes legalizing marijuana will help Florida’s economy, citing statistics from Colorado as an example.

“In Colorado, legalizing marijuana generated $2.4 billion in economic activity and created more than 18,000 new jobs in a single year alone,” Cruz said.

The bill introduced includes providing employment and benefit protections for marijuana users, requiring insurance coverage for medicinal marijuana for terminal illnesses and incorporating marijuana into current alcohol and tobacco educational curricula in schools.

Previous attempts to legalize weed in the state has never received a public hearing or had a Republican cosponsor, Cruz said.

Viral Message Verification:- The news about the legalization of marijuana started in the website, claiming Florida passes bill legalizing recreational use of marijuana. The archive link of the news (archived here).

In 2016, measures to legalize recreational marijuana appeared on the ballot in five states: California, Nevada, Arizona, Maine, and Massachusetts. Four more states, including Florida, Arkansas, North Dakota and Montana, considered initiatives to legalize medical marijuana, a move that some say is a first-step towards full legalization.

The Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative, also known as Amendment 2, was approved by voters in the Tuesday, November 8, 2016, general election in the State of Florida. The bill required a super-majority vote to pass, with at least 60% of voters voting for support of a state constitutional amendment.

The website copies the same logo of the original news site ABCNews ( Clearly this is a fake news site published just recently on 17th March and have even managed to get a good buzz on the social media. This is clear fake news with no credibility to the source of news.

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