Fraudsters new way defrauding people, entered wrong number mistake

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Viral Message:

Somebody called me with the phone number 079710****3 telling me he was doing some registration online and he mistakenly put my number

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Viral Message Example 

Somebody called me with the phone number 079710****3 telling me he was doing some registration online and he mistakenly put my number on what he was registering, that my number is similar to his number and that the password of what he was registering was sent to my phone which I actually saw as 6310.
He was now appealing to me to give him the reset code that was sent to my phone so that he could finish his registration. I told him to call me with the number he claimed was similar to mine so that I could verify his claim, he told me he didn't have credit in that line.
I got online to find out more, only to discover he was actually trying to reset my bank online/yahoo mail password and that he is a fraudster, an account hacker. If I had given him the code which was sent to my phone, he would have used it to reset my bank online/mobile app account.
Please let us be careful and vigilant. Fraudsters are devising new ways every day.
This is a new way of defrauding people...
Share to prevent others from being defrauded.
P.S. It's not the real password!

Viral Message Verification –  A new type of message being circulated on the social media. The message claims that fraudsters can track the SMS being sent your mobile number by devising new tricks.

Sometimes people having bank account and using online banking or using credit card, they often use his/her account for online transaction and while doing so they will get message or one time password (OTP) to continue with the online transaction. The viral message claims that how criminals can trick you and get this SMS password, being sent to your mobile number.

Coming back to the verification of the message, there are many people who use the internet or the credit card for the first and even might be they recently started using the credit card. Some of this people are not familiar with the credit card methods. This is the people who are venerable to this type of tricks.

People who are well aware of the online banking and familiar to the use of credit cards may not fall to this trap. Recently one of my friends got a SMS of a OTP and soon a call from some unknown number asking him to share the 4 digit OTP number. However my friend was smart enough not to share these details. Yet there are thousands of people who fall in this trap every year.

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