Korba: You must have seen and heard people taking leave during writing leave application for urgent tasks including poor health, marriage and other activities. But a railway worker has applied for a seven days leave to eat only chicken. This strange application has become viral in the social media.

According to the viral application form, TA-2 employee Pankaj Raj Gaur, who is posted in Deepka Railway Siding of the Railway Department. Pankaj has written an application for seven days leave for South Eastern Central Railway Deepka, Korba Station Master. The employee has written a seven-day holiday on the application form to eat chicken.

Further, the employee has written in the application that he is working in the post of TA-2 in Deepka Railway Siding. It is written in the application that it is requested that in the next month sawan is about to start. Therefore, he would not be able to make chicken at his house Sawan. For this reason I will not get to eat chicken. Which will cause weakness in my body. Because of which I cannot work in Deepka Siding for 24 hours.

Therefore, it is a request to please give me a holiday from June 20, 2017 to June 27, 2017 for eating chicken. By which I can cook chicken in seven days and cover one month and work 24 hours in Deepka siding. The discussion on the subject of a strange subject written by the employee in this way is being discussed in social media.

However, whether the leave is granted by the station master Deepka on the application of the employee, it is a matter of time, but the employee's application is now getting headlines. Strange but true people are doing a variety of things to take leave and this has become really viral.

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