Chdail on walls
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Ghost Chudail seen in Ghazipur District jelangkung Indonesia

Ghost seen in Ghazipur District in night

eRumor made by – Internet and social media

Confirmation by Ayupp.com – FAKE

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जिला अलीगढ कस्वा टप्पल के पास गाँव पालर मे आखों देखा भूत लोगो के उड गये होश हकीकत मे रात 8.44  😳 😲 😵

जिला भदोही मे नई बाजार मे आखों देखा भुत लोगो के उड गये होश हकीकत मे रात8.44

Ayupp Analysis – The news about ghost ( Chudail) sitting on the boundary walls and people capturing it on camera has been making rounds on social media. This image might be real ( it is not ghost for sure) but the location is certainly from Ghazipur.

There are many contradiction and assumption with regards to this news. Recently someone had also spread the news that it is from Hyderabad. The news contents clearly state that it is nowhere related to Hyderabad and had some links to Pakistan. When we further digged this issue, we found that it could be news coming from Karachi in Pakistan. You can also see many kind of video circulating on internet regarding that. 

Ghost at KARSAZ-ROAD Karachi caught in camera by asad1998lion

But, again that turns out to be fake and no one had any convincing answer that this is from Karachi. There is one article shared by ABP news which gives more convincing answer to our queries. It informs us that this news could have come from Morocco ( as reported by some Pakistani newspaper). Thieves in Morocco use ghosts to steal. They keep fake toys (which looks like chudail) in the building so that mind of people can be diverted and in the meantime they can steal. Still it was not verified that the particular image being circulated is from Morocco.

The final confirmation came from Indonesia. There is a ritual known as jelangkung, where they decorate girl in the form of Chudail. And it was confirmed by ABP news that the images being circulated from Indonesia only. For some sample see the below video.