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Giving away 3 units of Range Rover 2017, 3 Lucky Winners- fake

Range Rover 2017 giving away as lucky draw

eRumor made by – Internet and social media like facebook

Confirmation by Ayupp.com – FAKE

More Samples –

We are giving away 3 units of Range Rover! 3 Lucky Winners will be randomly selected on May 22, 2017!πŸπŸš€

Step 1) Like this Page
Step 2) Share on your wall (Very important)
Step 3) Comment "WIN"

The winners will be messaged on public

Good Luck

Ayupp Analysis – The above messages inform readers that there can win a Range Rover as a lucky draw. Even the message asks to give comments and like on the page and asked to give comment to WIN.

The Facebook link is given as https://www.facebook.com/pg/Range-Rover-2017-410285549356515/reviews/?ref=page_internal

However the official facebook link of Range Rover is


There is no message on the official landrover page regardingΒ  the draw and win of the Rover series.

We checked with the Rover Correspondents even and there was no confirmation from their end as well.