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Google: Google has introduced a lot of features which can be very helpful for the individuals. Search tools like Weather, flight, restaurants, ATM, Movies, News, Research and calculation. This page can be accessed by typing for the pages in India. To access this page type the following in Google search bar : Weather : weather City_name Flight: Flight_Number Restaurant: Variety_Of_Food eg Chinese Food Bangalore ATM: ATM_Aread Movies: Movies_Area News:  News_topic eg. Football Research: Research_Topic eg. Greece Debt Calculation: Write logic eg log4 + 39 /34 Users can also access this page by the link mentioned above. Weather: When user clicks on weather, the page takes you to a text box area, which asks you to enter the place where you want to see the weather details. Once you enter the area. It displays the complete weather information about that place. It includes, day and timing at which the forecast data was estimated. It displays information about Precipitation, wind and humidity. It also includes rain fall information in that region for 8 days in a graphical representation including the highest and lowest temperatures. Flight: By entering the flight number, users can get live information about the status of the current flight. Restaurant: Get information about all the restaurants in your city by using this feature of Google. ATM: Easily locate ATM's available near your area. Its very helpful and handy application. News: Just type the topic that you want to search and Google displays a list of possible news related to that topic. For eg, if users types football, then Google will display a list of all the football matches being played. Research: Also find your research topics using Google. Calculation: No need to open your Operating system's calculator to perform logic. Just type the logic and get the result displayed immediately on your browser. For sure these features from Google will grab a lot of viewer attraction. Currently for each of these services, on web we have a lot of websites dedicated for these services only. Like for Flights information. for movies information, etc. Google is trying to have all the web hits routed towards its site. Its a very competitive market. THE FITTEST WILL SURVIVE. Cheers !!!!