Phishing Mail – Below message states that Google has sent a mail to its user for closing the account.

Phishing Mail Sample –

Dear Email Client,

In line with the Gmail's policy and pursuant to the terms and conditions of the account accepted by you, in accordance with applicable rules and regulations, We are reviewing all our accounts and pursuant to the review. Google may take extra decision to close certain accounts.

Therefore, Google has decided to close your account. If you still want to maintain your account with us, find in the attached our account review and update instruction. This is valid for 72 Hours.

In case we don't hear from you within the above stated time period, Google will proceed to close your account after 30 days from the date of the notice. All the contents of your account will be permanently deleted.


Gmail Team

Attchments - 

Our Analysis – Google will never send such mails. These mails are intended to fetch account details of users so that they can hacked. The above mail is a phishing attempt. You need to keep your eyes open before clicking on any link.

You can read the below link to save yourself from account hacks and the steps needed for google account deletion.

To save yourself follow the below steps

  1. Remember that your bank or any re-known company will never ask for your personal details.
  2. They never send messages life “WARNING” or threaten to close your account if you don’t respond immediately.
  3. If the received mail don’t address you by your name, or if they have some spelling mistakes, or if they don’t look professional, try to avoid it. For example, you might receive a mail from Microsoft that it requires you to authenticate your windows. The user id could be Remember, if Microsoft sends you mail then the mail id of the sender should have Microsoft in its email id. can be the correct id.

To read more click on the below link:

Conclusion – A phishing mail is being circulated in the form of “Update Request” email claims that Google has decided to close your account unless you open an attached file and follow the account review and update instructions. These is fake mail and do not click on the links being provided here.

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