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Haryana Government offers almost free land to Swami Gyananand

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Confirmation by Ayupp.com – Fake

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Ayupp Analysis:  This viral news claims that Haryana Government has gifted (land scam) a property in Kurukshetra worth 75 crore in 45 lakhs to religious guru Swami Gyananand. An RTI query by PP Kapoor has confirmed this. This property was acquired by Government at the rate of 50 Lakh per acre by the farmers. Swami had to buy 9 acre land for which he had paid only 43 lakh rupees.

This new is explicitly created for social media and has no relevance to real life. Even the Patrika.com has no relation to this. Even though it claims that this news was published in Patrika.com, but we did not find any instance of such news anywhere on the internet. Hence we term this news as fake. Please do not promote fake news without verification.

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