over heated water using microwave explodes when coffee is mixed.

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The water in the microwave

Testimony of a father

It's been 5 days since my 26-Year-old son decided to take a cup of instantcoffee. Tragedy has begun.
He put it to warm up in the microwave a cup with only Water (something that had been done before on several occasions). I don't know exactly how long you programmed it, But you told me you  wanted only Water boiling. When the time ended the oven hung up, and he opened and took the cup out of the oven. As he looked at the cup, he realized the water was not boiling. And he put it
A soluble coffee spoon, that's when the water jumped right into your face. He let the cup of his hands after the water had jumped to his face, Due to accumulated energy. All your face has 1 DEGREES AND 2 degrees and it's very likely that the face will be marked, In addition to missing the view partially from the left eye. While we were at the hospital, the doctor who answered it commented that this type of Accidents were very common, and that should never put only Water to heat Microwave. If we heat water this way (in microwave), you should always put something in  Water, Example: A Wooden Stick (of a tooth) or a tea sachet; But if We're just gonna heat the water, you better use the gas stove. This is what a physics teacher said about: " thank you for sending me
Message warning me about the water in micro. I've heard several cases. This is caused by a  phenomenon known as super ". It can happen at any time when the water is heating up.....

Especially if the tool you're using is new. What happens is that the water heats up a lot faster than the pimples that will start to form. If the cup is new, there is no graze or slot where the can go and

You can start bubbling in the water that's already boiling. In such a way that the water Warming up sobrepassando the boiling time (as he says, " boil... and boil... and boil.... What happens then is that water is blocks, it gets stopped and contact with anything Colder, EX: cold air, spoon, coffee;
Water leaps hard for the energy contained. Please send this message to all your friends. You can avoid great pain and suffering. Obs. Illustrative Photo

Ayupp Analysis – The above viral message informs readers that if water is over heated inside microwave and if someone mixes coffee inside it then it can explode.

Yes, that correct message and it can happen with you. The reason is that , it's not the coffee that did it or the spoon. When you heat water in a microwave it doesn't really show bubbles compared to using a kettle on a stove. So if you put something in the cup or even shake the cup, it will break the stable surface and will release the high temp (in bubble form) of the microwaved water in the cup. So it can really explode.


This phenomenon is called super heating, this happens when water that is free or has mininal impurities is heated beyond its boiling point, when the granules are added to the water, they provide a surface for boiling to occur, and since the water is already beyond boiling point and what has been added is granulated, it gives a huge surface and alot of boiling to happen instantaneously, which results in a violent reaction.

You can also read details for the difference in types of heating when using microwave and Stove - https://www.reddit.com/r/askscience/comments/20npln/is_there_a_difference_between_water_that_was/

However, the discerning tea drinkers would be correct in saying that a microwave heats water differently than a stove does. Water in a microwave is heated by friction between individual water molecules, whereas water on a stove is heated from contact with the hot kettle. These differences could cause observable differences in the behavior of the water while it was being heated. However, this would have no bearing on taste unless you were comparing water both in an operating microwave and in a boiling kettle, neither of which I would recommend

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