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Hyderabad Police Ebola Alert Dont Drink Contaminated Maaza Coke Pepsi

Below messages are being circulated on social media -

Urgent forward
Important msg from Hyderabad police to all over India: 
For the next few weeks do not drink any soft drink like Maaza, cococola, pepsi, mountain dew, sprite as a worker from one of these company has added his blood contaminated with Ebola virus . It ws shown yesterday on NDTV... Pls forward this msg urgently to people you care... Take Care!!

Share it as much as u can.
Please pass it on to your families in india

Our Analysis – Messages has been circulating on social media with regards to Ebola that Hyderabad police has announced that cold drinks like Maaza Coke and Pepsi might contains Ebola virus and people should not drink it. This is old viral news circulated on social media platform from the long time. There is no truth behind this message and is circulated only to spread rumour and fear in mind of people.

Read the analysis done by hoax slayer on almost similar topic - http://www.hoax-slayer.net/hoax-cool-drink-contaminated-with-ebola-virus/

Bangalore mirror has also provided its analysis on this topic –

Conclusion – This is a fake news with regards to Ebola Alert. Cold drinks are not good for health but it does not mean that it contains Ebola virus.