Brief Outline: Satire news of a dead burglar to get state funeral is been widely shared on the social media

Origin: This news was spread by satire website rochdaleherald published an article on April 12, 2018 titled " Dead burglar to get state funeral" (archived link).

Ayupp Rating: Satire

Viral Example:  Councillor Tom Walsh said, “This man wasn’t any old burgular. He was the People’s Burgular and as such, it will be in the public interest, nay, it’s my civic duty to mark his passing by closing most of central Rochdale down and having a state funeral.”

Police Constable Stan Still told us, “I’ll be helping with the security. It’ll be an honour. He always had a cheeky quip and a good story for us when we arrested him. He used to always make sure he gave some of the proceeds of his burglaries to the local kiddies hospital at Christmas.”

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Detailed Analysis:  The news about dead burglar to get state funeral is not true. There is no such event happened in and around United Kingdom in the recent times. It is a good art of fiction.

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