New Delhi: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi's Twitter handle OfficeofRG is in the headlines these days. This is due to the sudden increase in the tweets coming from their Twitter handle and the sudden increase in the tweeting of their tweets. But, on the growing popularity of Rahul Gandhi on Twitter and his comments, People have started questioning among themselves regarding the number of increase of tweets of Rahul Gandhi. The question is arising that his tweets are being re-tweeted by certain software.

Re-tweet via the bots software!

On October 15, Twitter Tweets from 'OfficeofRG' tweeted on behalf of US President Donald Trump, in which it praised of that of America and Pakistan was praised on the caption 'Rahul ji quick, looks like President Trump needs another hug' Gandhi tweeted. This tweet was re-tweeted 20 thousand times in a while and more than 31 thousand re-tweets have been done at this time.

Re-tweet from Russia, Indonesia, Kazakhstan

According to the news agency ANI, after analyzing Rahul Gandhi's Twitter handle, it has come to knowlege that most of the twitter handles of Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi's Tweets are being re-tweets are residents of Russia, Kazakhstan or Indonesia. . After checking these Twitter accounts, it is found that their followers are less than 10 people and through these accounts, Rahul Gandhi's Tweets have been re-tweeted on any topic of the world.

Smriti Irani makes fun of Rahul on Rahul

On the other hand, after this claim of the news agency, Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Smriti Irani has made fun of Rahul Gandhi. Smriti Irani said that now Rahul Gandhi is preparing to contest elections from Russia, Indonesia and Kazakhstan.

However, the Congress party has termed these allegations as totally baseless. Divya Spandana alias Ramya, who is managing the Congress's digital team, has questioned the report. she said this report is completely beyond the fact.

The question is arising in the way which is beyond the sudden increase in Rahul Gandhi's sudden Twitter activation and re-tweeting his tweets for the last few months? However, even though the Congress may accuse these allegations as baseless, but it has to come with facts to prove that whar they are saying is true, they have yet nor come up with a satisfactory response to the agency's claim of re-tweeting through the bots has not yet been answered.

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