Brief Outline: An old rumor claiming that whatsapp message is being read by the government agencies is being widely shared in the social media, however is fake.

Facts Check: Fake

What is Viral? 

Recently, a new ruling by the government directed users to not delete any kind of conversations helped by the Internet which included e-mails, WhatsApp messages and social media interactions for "investigation purposes", if need be. The news created quite an uproar among the users and the episode ended with the new ruling which exempted WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter from government’s encryption policy.

Case 1: Message sent

Case 2: Message delivered

Case 3: Message read by receipt, But not by Govt.

Case 4: Message read by the Govt. And found OK. (You may delete it)

Case 5: Message read by Govt and found Not Ok. (Police will arrest you soon)

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Facts Check Analysis: The picture showing three ticks on whatsapp sent text messages is being shared among the whatsapp users. As seen in the below whatsapp message screen shot, nothing like that is being implemented in as a new feature n whatsapp.

The news about government warning is not new; this has been promoted over the years. As per the forwarded message, if there is three blue ticks, the message is read by the Government If there is two blue than message is read by the Government and found Not ok (Police will arrest you soon)

The original message stared from a satire article on ScoopWhoop in 2015. In recent times there has not been any such new features launched by whatsapp. In whatsapp Security and Privacy you can see the below message,

Checking Read Receipts

Check marks will appear next to each message you send. Here's what each one indicates:

  • Message successfully sent.
  • Message successfully delivered to the recipient's phone.
  • The recipient has read your message.

In a group chat, the second check mark appears when all participants in the group have received your message. The two blue check marks appear when all participants in the group have read your message.

So stop worry and enjoy whatsapp features, however beware of spreading hate message n the social media.

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Chetan Sharma is an Indian fact-checker and news writer, writing news for Ayupp since 2014.

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