Is Rahul Gandhi a Christian and not a Hindu, Somnath controversy

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Viral Message: Rahul Gandhi declared himself as "Non Hindu" at Somnath temple 👇 👇, Copy of the register at Somnath Mandir where every non-Hindu has to make an entry before entering the main Garbha-Gruha

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Rahul Gandhi declared himself as "Non Hindu" at Somnath temple 👇 👇
Copy of the register at Somnath Mandir where every non-Hindu has to make an entry before entering the main Garbha-Gruha
Just check - Only 2 names have been mentioned. Rahul Gandhi & Ahmed Patel.
Lol...there goes his 0.01% chance of becoming PM.

Ayupp FactCheck: It is not the first time when Rahul Gandhi credibility of his religion has come into question, there has been several occasion’s when Rahul Gandhi’s personal faith question was raised and was never answered.

The latest in question is after Rahul  Gandhi’s somnath temple visit at the time of Gujarat elections.  So when Rahul Gandhi signed up as a non-Hindu at the Somnath temple register, This signature has became an issue. Congress president-in-waiting in Gujarat was listed as a non-Hindu at the temple he visited on 29th November.  All non-Hindus have to declare their identity at the temple.

The signature of Congress president-in-waiting and Ahmed Patel’s name was seen in the Non hindu register.


These two names -- that of Rahul Gandhi and Ahmed Patel -- were found in the register maintained for non-Hindus visiting the Somnath temple.

BJP’s Amit Malviya tweeted ‘Ambassador Meera Shankar, UPA’s representative in US, had referred to Sonia Gandhi as a Christian leader. The reference was soon deleted. Now Rahul Gandhi declares he is a non-Hindu but their election affidavits claim that they are Hindus. Gandhis lying about their faith?’



Congress leader Deependra Hooda defended and said BJP, seeing Rahul Gandhi leading a successful campaign in Gujarat, is looking for issues to divert attention and polarise the polls," and said Rahul Gandhi is a Shiv bhakt

Congress Party clerification "Clarification: There is only one visitor's book at Somnath Temple that was signed by Congress VP Rahul Gandhi. Any other image being circulated is fabricated. Desperate times call for desperate measures?"

John Fisher Burns, two-time Pulitzer Prize winner for International Reporting, in a 1998 piece he wrote for the New York Times titled "Sonia Gandhi, the 'Foreigner,' Startles the Political Pundits", wrote, "Few doubted that this was code for Mrs. Gandhi's Roman Catholicism, a faith in which her son, Rahul, 27, and her daughter, Priyanka, 26, were also raised."

BJP leader Subramanian Swamy mocked Rahul Gandhi and said, "Let Rahul Gandhi declare that 'I am not a Christian, but a Hindu'. Why has he got a church in 10 Janpath and he goes there to pray? So unless he declares that he is a Hindu like his father Rajiv Gandhi, we won't believe him."

It's very difficult to say about his caste and religion. His great grandpa Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru was a Kashmiri Pandit. So Nehru's daughter  Indira Gandhi was a pandit but she married a parsi. Firoz Gandhi was a parsi. Indira's son Rajiv married a Christian. Rajiv Gandhi was the father of Rahul Gandhi. His brother-in-law Robert Vadra (Husband of Priyanka Gandhi) follows Christianity☺. So it's very difficult to say anything about his religion forget about his caste. But on Wikipedia it has been mentioned that his religion is Hinduism.




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