Brief Outline: A Facebook page viral on the social media claims that BJP’s spokesperson, Sambit Patra has been removed from his post as BJP national spokesperson.

Facts Check: Fake

What is Viral? 

संबित पात्रा को BJP के प्रवक्ता के पद से हटाया गया अफ़सोस अब मंदिर कौन बनाएगा?

Translated: Sambit Patra has been removed from the post of BJP spokesperson. Pity. Now who’ll build the Ram Mandir?

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Facts Check Analysis: A post viral on the social media claims that Samit Patra has been removed from BJP’s spokesperson post is not true.

The post was first published on 23 December at 21:40 , 2018 on the Facebook page Viral In India.

As per the official website of BJP, Sambit Patra is still the National Spokesperson of BJP. A official tweet about a press conference which was addressed by Patra in his capacity as the party’s national spokesperson makes the viral claim as false.

However people on the social media looked happy with the decision

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