Viral Message: Did the Keystone Pipeline burst? Is the pipeline "spreading mass devastation" in North and South Dakota while President Trump watches Fox?

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Donald Trump has part ownership in the Keystone Pipeline, so it was no surprise that he okayed finishing it in North and South Dakota. Native Americans held vigil for months in the freezing temperatures to protest the pipeline adjacent to their lands. Now this.

The pipeline carries crude oil, some of the roughest and most environmentally damaging oil, across the center of the nation. Unfortunately, none of it belongs to the U.S. nor will the pipeline profit our country.

The most dangerous Keystone oil spill has flooded 210,000 gallons of oil into the earth and likely contaminated the groundwater. Yet, this was not the first leak, according to TransCanada, which manages the pipeline operation, CNN reported.

Prior to this spill, 16,800 spilled from the pipeline in April 2016, and there is no doubt that more spills will follow. The Keystone Pipeline system runs over 2,600 miles from Alberta, Canada down to Texas.

Viral Message Verification:- The news about a Keystone Pipeline burst have gathered a good number of buzz on the social media. The news states that the pipeline burst has caused "spreading mass devastation" in North and South Dakota while President Trump watches Fox. The fact is it is a false misinformation.

The news was reported by bipartisan-report, with headline “BREAKING: Keystone Pipeline Bursts Spreading Mass Devastation As Trump Watches Fox” and it tries to pull Donald Trump into all this as well.

Coming back to the news, the points which can be consider to make it a fake news are

  1. Looking at the image does not make it a pipeline being destroyed, but looks like the place is under construction, as we can see various pipes being assembled together.
  2. The links given in the above of the CNN is from Nov 17, 2017, which is about a leak that happened three miles southeast of the town of Amherst back then.

However the fact is the mentioned CNN link of the pipe burst which has been used as a reference for the article has already been repaired, as reported by transcanada.  It said “The remediation work on the property has been completed, as has the remediation work on the roads we used during the cleanup efforts. We have replaced the last of the top soil and have seeded the impacted area. We will continue monitoring the remediation of the property to ensure our work is satisfactory”.

So we keep the news published by the website bipartisan-report, in the category of providers of fake and misleading information.

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