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Your friends Home for kids. #Kinderjoy Bought. In it Wax attend in time. It's a disease cancer A chance..!!!

நண்பர்களே உங்கள் வீட்டு குழந்தைகளுக்கு # KinderJOY வாங்கி தராதீர்கள். அதில் மெழுகு கலந்துள்ளது காலபோக்கில்
அது புற்று நோயாக மாற வாய்ப்புள்ளது..!!!

Kinderjoy contains wax which causes cancer It takes two days for our body to eliminate the wax 
Be aware! For all the kids Pls dont eat kinderjoy Its made up of wax Means MELUKU #Aware #Wax #KinderJoy

Ayupp Analysis- The above viral news claims that Kinderjoy contains wax and is banned in United States (US). It also says that it can cause cancer and the wax used in this is used for Styrofoam containers. Lets analyse this news one by one –

Does KinderJoy contains WaxNo, Though all the chocolate products contains paraffin wax but its allowed in certain quantity. Even the US food and Drug Adminitration (FDA), has approved “food-grade” paraffin. Many chocolate products do actually contain paraffin wax to give them a shiny finish and help them remain solid at room temperature. However, there is no evidence that this wax additive causes cancer. Wax has been used as an additive to various foods for decades and is considered non-toxic. And the claim that polystyrene containers have a wax coating is false. The warning is similar to another false warning that claims that instant noodles have a wax coating. Taking about Kinderjoy, it is not mentioned anywhere in its ingredients that it contains wax. So we trust this brand and rejet this rumour.

Kinder joy is banned in United States (US) -  No, Kinderjoy is not banned in USA. If you search try to buy kinderjoy using Amazon site then it allows you to buy it. Hence it is not banned in USA. On the contraty Kinder joy surprise is banned. In fact we received some significant information from Kinderjoy PR team in India. Thanks for inputs so that we are providing correct information to our readers.

Kinder Joy is manufactured by Ferrero India and is erroneously confused with Kinder Surprise which is actually banned in USA. Kinder Joy and Kinder Surprise are sold in over 100 countries around the world. Kinder Surprise is an egg shaped milk chocolate with a toy inside it. Whereas Kinder Joy is an egg shaped bundle of nourishment and surprise. Kinder Joy is produced at the Ferrero factory at Baramati, near Pune and it is exported to many countries.Kinder Joy is made using the finest and fresh raw materials. The brand strictly adheres to the food quality as per national and international standards and is completely safe to consume. Mothers trust Kinder Joy as it is hygienically packed and does not contain food colourings and preservatives.Ferrero guarantees its products are safe for consumers. They comply fully with the food safety requirements of all the countries in which they are marketed. All Ferrero packaging fully complies with applicable legislation on food contact materials.

The below link confirms that Kinder Surprise is banned and not kinderjoy - 

It is also published in USA FDA site -  

*** Import Alert 34-02 was created as the Agency was made aware of a product called "Kinder Surprise Eggs", and similar articles containing imbedded, non-nutritive objects, being offered for sale in the United States. The imbedded non-nutritive objects in these confectionary products may pose a public health risk as the consumer may unknowingly choke on the object. ***

Kinder joy causes Cancer – No, This is just rumour to defame kinderjoy.

Indeed Kinder Joy is very tasty chocolate and we have been using it from many many years without any risk. 

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