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Brief Outline: The viral message claims that a Play is taking place in Bengal on 25th June Titled - 'Hindu Chor' what is Police and CM @MamataOfficial gonna say on this.

Facts Check: True

What is Viral in India? 

A Play is taking place in Bengal on 25th June Titled - 'Hindu Chor' what is Police and CM @MamataOfficial gonna say on this. How can anyone organise a play like this? Is this Freedom of Speech Mamata Banerjee talking about? @TajinderBagga Shame on CM Mamata Banerjee.

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Facts Check Analysis: The Kolkata Police tweeted this message regarding the clarification.  

ধর্মীয় বিদ্বেষমূলক একটি পোস্টার শহরের একটি জায়গায় নজরে এসেছে আমাদের। ওই পোস্টার সরিয়ে দিয়েছি আমরা। যাঁরা ওই পোস্টার লাগিয়েছিলেন,তাঁদের চিহ্নিত করে যথাযথ আইনি ব্যবস্থা নেওয়ার প্রক্রিয়া শুরু হয়েছে। ধর্মীয় বিদ্বেষ ছড়ানোর চেষ্টা বরদাস্ত করা হবে না।

A Poster of religious resentment has come to a place in the city. We have removed that poster. It has been the process of taking a proper legal system to identify those posters. The attempt to spread religious hatred will not be enslaved.

Akshay Singh, BJP IT cell in-charge, Kolkata tweeted against the play and wrote that Hindu Jagaran Manch registered a complaint in Hastings police station.

Hindu Jagran Manch went to Hasting Police Station to register the protest and lodge a formal complaint against the play "Hindu Chor" (হিন্দু চোর) which is supposed to be Staged on 25th June at Sisir Manch. It's very strange how can anyone conduct show with the name "Hindu Chor"

However the controversy was over the name and there was a huge backlash after which the Director Probir Mondal changed the name from ‘Hindu Chor’ to ‘Giren Chor’. Later on a facebook post Mondal posted a message “Sakoler kachhe Ami khoma chaichhi,eta niye Apnara R Bitarko Toiri korbenna please,AMAR *Hindu chore*Natoker Nam palte,*GIREN CHORE*Rakha holo,Akhono Bolchhi Eta ekti Hindu chorer *Biratto purno korun*kahini!ei Natoke kono Dharmo ke Aghat kora Hoyni,tobu jodi Anichha krito vabe karo Dharmonuvutite A Aghat Lege thake,tar jonyo Ami khoma prarthi,”

Translated “I apologise to everyone, please do not create any further controversy. I am changing the name of my play ‘Hindu Chor’ to ‘Giren Chor’. This is the brave tale of a Hindu ‘Chor’. I do not want to offend any religious sensibilities, but I apologise if I have done so unintentionally.

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