Brief Outline: The Kruger National Park tweeted a 'heart-warming' picture on April 1. The photo featured an elephant, a lioness and a lion cub was indeed a April Fool message.

Origin: The Image of an Elephant carrying a cub and crossing the road was first shared by The Kruger National Park

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Latest Sightings-Kruger posted this with comment: "We were following a lioness carrying her cub for around 2 Km when we could see she was getting really tired. Suddenly, an elephant showed up. The elephant put its trunk down, the cub jumped up and the elephant started carrying the lion cub!!" - An unusual encounter on this day, the 1st of ...

P.S. - Just for clarity, the above is the text that originally went up with this picture, which is of course an April 1st joke.

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Detailed Analysis: Since the photo was posted from a relevant source Kruger National Park people easily believed that the photo was real and since has been widely shared over the social media widely. Indeed the picture is heart and almost real though it is not. See the below real picture without any editing.

The image was just posted on the social media as a April fool’s day, but looks like it is has done it’s work even by fooling thousand who have shared this image thinking real.

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