Lady Flower, Thailand –

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Fake Message 1:

#Lady #Flower from #Lenogav #Forests of #Thailand
এটি এতটি দুষ্পাপ্য ফুল! থাইল্যান্ডে দেখা যায়! পাঁচ বছরে একবার ফোটে বলে জনশ্রুতি..! ভালো লাগলে লাইক-শেয়ার করতে পারেন 

Fake Message 2:

Collected ***********
#Lady #Flower from #Lenogav #Forests of #Thailand
This is a rare flowers! See you in Thailand! Five years reportedly bloom once say..! Nice to share like - don't forget to ।।

Fake Message 3:

പെൺപൂവ് എന്ന അപൂർവ്വയിനം പൂവ്.തായ്ലാന്റിലെ ലെനേഗാവ് എന്നു പറയപ്പെടുന്ന ഉൾക്കാടുകളിൽ 5 വർഷത്തിൽ ഒരിക്കൽ പൂക്കുന്നു. ഷെയർ ചെയ്യണേ....

Our Analysis – The above message informs users that this is a rare flower in the shape of a lady found in the Lenogav forests of Thailand. If you look carefully at the image then you will understand that it is not a flower. It is statue and this pic is clicked with such an angle that it might look like a flower.

Conclusion – Anyone can judge by close examination of the picture that it is a wooden frame and can be termed as a wooden fairy. This is indeed beautiful picture, but it’s just a wooden frame and not a flower.

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