Pranav Dhanwade Rejected Arjun Tendulkar Selected

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Yeh He Mera India Wah Wah Yha Garibo Ko Koi Aage Badne Nhi Deta  1..Pranav Dhanwade Jo Ak Auto Chalne Wale Ka Beta Hai Jisne World Record Bnaya Use ....Reject Kr Diya 2.. Arjun Tendulkar Jo Sachin Tedulkar Ka Beta Hai Use Select Kr Liya ku Kuki Vo Ak Cricketer Ka Beta He And Rich Hai Wah India Wa India India Asa Desh Hai Jha Telaent Ko Nhi Peso Ko Amiyat De Jate Hai

This is India
Pranav with a glorious record rejected. S/O auto driver Arjun with no record selected. S/O Sachin Tendulkar

Ayupp Analysis – Social media is place where any news can be made viral. This time victim was son of Sachin Tendulkar. Pranav Dhanwade is son of auto rickshaw driver has broken 116 year record of 628 not out set by English School boy AEJ Collins in year 1899. He made record 1008 runs for KC Gandhi high school of Kalyan. Now it is being claimed that even though his performance was outstanding, he was neglected by the selectors and Arjun Tendulkar ( Son of Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar) was selected. His father - Prashant Dhanawade - spoke to reporters of Deccan Herald and came in support of Arjun. He said that the time selection was done his son had not scored these runs, so there is no question of partiality being done. Read the detailed news in the Deccan herald article -

Even First post has given very beautiful article about this matter - 

So these messages about Arjun Tendulkar is just lies spread in social media and he was selected for U-19 West Zone side based on his merit and not of influence of Sachin Tendulkar.

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