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  1. Dignitaries included in ceremonial lounge entitlement.
  2. Army Commanders/Vice Chief of Army staff or equivalent in Indian Air Force /Indian Navy.
  3. Attorney General of India.
  4. Cabinet Secretary.
  5. Central Vigilance Commissioner.
  6. Chairman & Chief Executive Councillor, Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council.
  7. Chairman & Members of the Ravi & Beas Waters Tribunal
  8. Chairman and Members Railway Board.
  9. Chairman and Members, Atomic Energy Commission.
  10. Chairman and Members, National Commission for Backward Classes.
  11. Chairman and Members, Union Public Service Commission.
  12. Chairman and Vice Chairman, Central Administrative Tribunal.
  13. Chairman, All India Council for Technical Education.
  14. Chairman, Appellate Tribunal for Forfeited Property.
  15. Chairman, Members & Secretary, Scheduled Castes & Scheduled tribes Commission.
  16. Chairman, Members and Secretary, Minorities Commission.
  17. Chairman, Monopolies and Restricted Trade Practices Commission.
  18. Chairman, Securities and Exchange Board of India.
  19. Chairman, Space Commission
  20. Chairman/Dy.Chairman & Speakers/Dy.Speakers of the State Legislatures.
  21. Chairperson, Member & Secretary to Press Council of India.
  22. Chairperson, National Commission for Women.
  23. Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, & Secretary to the University Grants Commission.
  24. Chief Justice and Judges of High Court.
  25. Chief Secretaries of State Governments.
  26. Deputy Chairman, Rajya Sabha / Deputy Speaker, Lok Sabha.
  27. Director of Enforcement, Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India
  28. Election Commissioners
  29. Field Marshal & three Services Chief viz., Chief of Army, Air and Naval Staff.
  30. Former Ministers of Civil Aviation / Ministers of State for Civil Aviation/ Deputy Ministers
  31. Governor and Dy. Governors of the Reserve Bank of India.
  32. His holiness Jagadguru Shankaracharja Maharaj of Sh.Dwarka Sharda Peeth.
  33. Lieutenant Governors of Union Territories.
  34. Lokayuktas and Upalokayuktas of all states.
  35. Members of Parliament.
  36. Members of State Legislaturesin their respective States.
  37. Members of the Planning Commission.
  38. Ministers in State Government.
  39. Ministers of States/Dy.Ministers of the Union.
  40. President, National Consumers Dispute Redressal Commission.
  41. President & Sr.Vice President, Income Tax Appellate Tribunal
  42. Prof.J.S.Rajput, Director, NCERT
  43. Recipients of the honour of Padam Bhushan and Padam Vibhushan.
  44. Resident Commissioners of State Governments in Delhi.
  45. Secretaries/Ex-officio Secretaries to the Govt. of India/officers holding posts equivalent to Secretaries to the Govt. of India
  46. Secretary General, National Human Rights Commission.
  47. Secretary General, Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha.
  48. Secretary to the President/Prime Minister.
  49. Sheriffs/Mayors of Metropolitan Cities in their respective States.
  50. Shri A.L. Bongirwar, Chairman, Tariff Authority for Major Ports (TAMP)
  51. Shri D.R.Karthikayan, Director General, National Human Rights Commission.
  52. Shri G.V.Ramakrishna, Chairman, Dis-Investment Commission
  53. Solicitor General.
  54. SPG Protectees
  55. Vice Chancellors of Indian Universities.
  56. Any other person authorised by the Ministry of Civil Aviation
  57. Sitting Judges of Supreme Court and High Courts
  58. Retired Judges of Supreme Cort and High Courts who have been appointed as

Chairman / president of the Commissions / Tribunals by the Central Government in the list of dignitaries to utilize the VIP Lounge at IGI Airport Terminal-I & II. This facility will be allowed to them only during their tenure as Chairman / President of Commissions / Tribunals

-letter No.AV.20036/22/2003-AAI dated


 Viral Message Verification – An airport lounge is a facility operated at many airports. Airport lounges offer, for selected passengers, comforts beyond those afforded in the airport terminal itself, such as more comfortable seating, quieter environments, and often better access to customer service representatives. Other accommodations may include private meeting rooms, telephones, wireless internet access and other business services, along with provisions to enhance passenger comfort, such as free drinks and snacks.

This message above is false.  We did not find any such list of DIGNITARIES, as listed above who are ENTITLED TO USE RESERVED LOUNGE. As per Press Information Bureau  ( PIB), only Cabinet-rank dignitaries are given VIP Lounge facility. There is no system of a separate “Reserved Lounge” for other senior officials, nor are VIP lounges available against payment. Read the below information published by PIB - 



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