Viral Message:
message being spread on the social media making your heart filled with pain. The message being circulated to like and share the article and also conveys you that on every share and like how money generated as charity.

eMessage on – Social media and internet

Fact Check by Ayupp– Fake

Viral Message Example 

This little baby has cancer and he needed money for surgery
Facebook has decided to help by giving

Please don't scroll down without sharing and say "Amen"

Viral Message Verification –  The message being circulated in the social media is quite dangerous as it targets the young kids for like and share. The message says one like is equal to 5 rupees, 1 comment is equal to 7 Rs and 1 share is equal to Rs 10. The readers are being asked to help.

I hope by now you must have understood how dangerous the spam farming is done here by the message sender and shwing the image of a kid having cancer. The post want to get like, share and comments by representing the kids in pain. The child in the image do not have cancer, the picture is being taken from somewhere and simply being uploaded in the social media.

The boy in the picture looks like having some eye infection and not cancer as claimed in the message. The image has been taken from

Beware of this spam and do not share, like or comment the post as this will encourage the spammer to again spam another article in the same type.

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Chetan Sharma is an Indian fact-checker and news writer, writing news for Ayupp since 2014.

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