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A nude picture of Massachusetts Democrat Elizabeth Warren performing nude dance in a college ritual going viral over internet and whatsapp

eRumor made by – Internet and social media

Confirmation by – Fake/SPAM/FALSE News

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Photo of Elizabeth warren at a Nude ritual. Aroommate of Elizabath warren;s from collegereleased this photo of her. A bunch of her “Pagan Friends” Dancing around a tribute to the gods of wind and Fire.

The roommate, a hair dresser from Methuen named Francesca, said Warren was “flat-chested and awkward but always looked like she was having fun.”She added that marijuana, magic mushrooms, peyote and LSD common at the rituals.””

Ayupp Analysis  –The Image is blur and cannot be claimed to be true. The picture was released on somewhere in between June 2017. With text message on it captioned abve. The news was earliar published on site

Warren was born on June 22, 1949, She was just 12 years old when her father passed away.After this she was burdned with many medical bills and loans, which made her mother to look for job in a catalog order department at Sears. When she was 13, Warren started waiting tables at her aunt's restaurant. She also won a debate scholarship to George Washington University at the age of 16. Initially aspiring to be a teacher, she left GWU after two years to marry her high school boyfriend, Jim Warren.

Looking into the childhood of Warren, as nothing suggest that she ever practiced any such ritual, Wicca or danced “skyclad” in cabalistic and obscure rituals, or had the time to do so.

Warren had a hectic life schedule and she moved from on part of life to another in a quick span of time. there is nothing to suggest that this information is correct.

The time in the photo is not as well mentioned.

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