Radiation leakage, because any microwave can start leaking radiation any time, for whatever reasons. And such a leakage is hazardous to humans and pets in the house.

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Important information for folks (Ladies & Gents) Using Microwave In House Or At Office....???
Pls Read It Carefully & Not Miss Out Any Points.

When was the last time you checked your microwave for radiation leakage?

Yes, I did say radiation leakage, because any microwave can start leaking radiation any time, for whatever reasons. And such a
leakage is hazardous to humans and pets in the house.

You don't need to call in experts or to send your microwave to the dealer's workshop for a leakage test. That's time consuming,
inconvenient and costly.

Here's how you can test your microwave for
radiation leakage, right in your own house, at no cost.

Just follow these simple steps >>>

  1. Switch-off and un-plug the microwave from the electrical socket.
    2. Place your mobile phone inside the microwave and shut the door.
    3. Using another mobile phone, dial the phone that's inside the microwave.
    4. If the outside phone says "the number you are dialling is not reachable, or is out of coverage area, or is switched off; then your
    microwave is safe.
  2. But if the phone inside the microwave lights up and rings, your microwave is leaking radiation. Just throw away the damn thing and get a new one. (Believe me, the medical treatment of the side-effects of radiation leaks is costlier than the price of maybe 10 new microwaves.)

Remember, just because the door of your microwave appears to shut properly does not conclusively mean that it is not leaking radiation.

Stay safe, and test your microwave regularly at frequent intervals; the frequency of testing depending on the extent of usage, and you are the best judge of that.


Ayupp Analysis –  This is a true message being spread in the social media.  We know Exposure to high levels of microwave radiation could cause health problems due to extreme heat, such as cataracts and burns.

Many microwave oven leaks are too small to create such significant health risks, be on the safe side and test any microwave that appears damaged or that is more than nine years old. We can test this at home as it is cheap and easy, but also keep in mind that it only gives you a rough estimate.

Fact check one Physics Girl

A US YouTuber Physics Girl filmed herself placing a phone in a microwave and calling it, thus demonstrating that the oven's protective casing is not impervious to radiation, and that signals can still pass through it

From many home kitchens, canteens and across all other places, microwaves are common appliances that many people use completely unaware of how they work. 

A video above has shown us a simple trick to determine if your microwave is leaking using just mobile phones - but don't worry, even if it is leaking it's unlikely to cause any harm.

Fact Check 2

There are another ways to test the leakage of Microwave leaks like wikihow has given.

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