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जवाहरलाल नेहरू की गलतियां जो हम आज तक भुगत रहे हैं
कोको आइसलैंड - 1950 में नेहरू ने भारत का ' कोको द्वीप समूह' ( Google Map location -14.100000, 93.365000 ) बर्मा को गिफ्ट दे दिया। यह द्वीप समूह कोलकाता से 900 KM दूर समंदर में है।
बाद में बर्मा ने कोको द्वीप समूह चीन को दे दिया, जहाँ से आज चीन भारत पर नजर रखता है।
PM Nehru GIFTED the Coco Islands (Andamans) to Burma. The Burmese gave them to CHINA to spy on India
Chinese airstrip & spy station on Coco Island which PM Nehru GIFTED to Burma.
Our beloved PM...........Nehru GIFTED the Kabo Valley - (Manipur, 11,000+ sq. km.) to Burma. Nehru also GIFTED the Coco Island

Ayupp Analysis –. The news informs that our honourable Prime Minister ( Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru) had gifted Coco Island to Burma after Independence. Coco Island is 900 Kms away from Kolkatta towards the ocean. Later Burma gave Coco Island to China. And in response China uses this location to keep an eye on India.
There is no evidence available on google with regard to this news. Regarding history of Coco Island we can find a lot of information about it.
Coco Island is present in North eastern part of Indian Ocean. In year 1882, British took control over this area and named it as British Rangoon. In 1937, Burma was separated from India and Birtishers started to use it as a Crown Colony (It refers to overseas territory of British Empire). Burma got its independence from British on 4th January 1948. Logically speaking Prime Minister Nehru didn’t had any control over Coco Island in Burma. They fought themselves for their independence and coco was part of Burma from a long time. Reader can get more information from wikipdia about this -

So, it incorrect and illegal to say that Coco Island was gifted to Burma by India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.

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