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Viral Message: National Herald: Do you think corruption has vastly decreased in India, As Prime Minister Narendra Modi claims? 83 % says yes corruption has decreased.

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Viral message example-   

#NationalHerald @NH_India already deleted on tweet asking, which giver is more corrupt see the screen shot below, one poll still exists

Viral Message Verification:-   Taking a poll is not a easy job, especially when you are not sure with the result and you are not directly handling the poll number. Similar a poll by the congress party’s Paper, Nationl Herald. The National Herald tried to use the sentiment on Nirav Modi and create a poll by asking people some poll questions.

Question: Do you think corruption has vastly decresed in India, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi claims?

Question: Who is to blame for the massive #PNBFraud, #PNBScam involving Nirav Modi, who it appears left India for Switzerland in January, 2018.

Both of this questions back fired the Polls and later the National Herald has to delete this poll as well.

Other poll which still exist, with a chance that it may be also deleted in the future

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