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New WhatsApp 4G VIP Gold Release Private Number Message FAKE

New WhatsApp 4G VIP Gold Release Private Message

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Confirmation by Ayupp.com – FAKE

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New Whatsapp 4G VIP is now released,You must install it Now to Enjoy latest features like Private msg without showing your number,Free wifi mode,video calling,who view your profile pic,free call etc,This is only for Invited user so I am inviting you to download now,click below.

New WhatsApp gold it is very fast nd easier to make video calls nd other relatively messages.

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Ayupp Analysis – This kind of viral message has been circulating from last year ( Feb 2016) on social media. It is fake and can really cause some serious damage to your phone and personal data.

The biggest irony about this kind of message is that if you search for Whatsapp gold, then the viral link and website is the first result. Ideally google search should not prioritize such results. I would request team to remove it from the results as it it is creating a lot of confusion in the minds of people.

If you open the first link then it gives you link to open the apk file as shown below -

You can download this from this site and install it at your own risk. Please do not install it.  If you search this app in google play then you will be given below options to install –

If you look carefully they are apps similar to Whatapp in logo but name is Wasup, Whatsa and WhatsUp. See, these apps were never released by WhatsApp. The Telegraph in its May 25, 2016 edition had published one article about this viral news. It had also advised readers not to install and steps to protect yourself was mentioned here. The point that I want to make here is that it is safe to install apps present in google app. And google app has not allowed this app in their store. Thats the reason these spammers are directly providing .apk files to install. PLEASE DO NOT INSTALL ANY APPLICATION WHICH IS NOT AVALAIBLE IN GOOGLE STORE. 

There is one more news being spread that if you install 4G VIP app, then you will become priviledged customer and you can also send private message.

It is again a fake and viral message. The code behind the viral message is beautifully explained by Rafay Hacking articles.  It clearly tells that its fake and intended to spread on social media and to be forwarded.