No Transaction Day with Banks – Below message is being circulated on social media with regards to no transaction day:

Social Media Message:

Let the banks also experience the public power. They are thieves. Imagine . To withdraw your own money you have to pay service charge to the Bank and you pay Service Tax on the Service Charge to the Govt.

To this end April 06, 2017 will be a no transaction day with banks. If they don't rollback. Let's plan April 24,25,26, 2017 as no transaction days. We will continue this until there is no roll back on service charges .

Keep spreading this message every 5 days to all ur FB , mails and W App contacts.

It is difficult but not impossible otherwise banks will go on adding various new charges now and then. RBI Governor is a puppet and has no control nor understands the economics.

This protest is for our benefit to control banks to adding new charges.

Let's come together and show the
POWER OF UNITY. forwarded as received 
If I am going to be charged Rs. 150 for transacting my own hard earned cash, why should I even deposit it in a system called bank? I have my own safety lockers at home or some place, where I can keep my money safe.
Do not try to fool the people by creating a fake scenario that banks are mandatory for a living or something like you cannot survive without a bank. Banks are just a common locker system for a society of people. A system will operate with or without banks. Banks depend on the common people. Common people needn't depend on banks.

#say_no_to_banking if these atrocities continue

PROTEST AGAINST TRANSACTION FEES. April 06, 2017 will be a no transaction day with banks.

Our Analysis – No one has officially taken any responsibility of taking lead on the above protest. Whoever likes this post is doing copy-paste on their profile. Its clear that public is agitated with this move of banks and wants to show their displeasure. Till 24th April it will be only clear if this message is hoax or in real time people will be making that day as No transaction day.

Conclusion – Wait, watch and share if you feel the above protest should be done and if you feel agitated with the decision taken by banks. We will update this post after 24th April.

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