Don’t sympathize he is not a farmer, but rape accused, know the truth first

Image source social media

Brief Outline: The message claims A poor farmer in Rajasthan was tied with ropes and beaten in public by the police after he was unable to repay his bank loan.

Facts Check: Fake

Example Fake news: 

राजस्थान में एक गरीब किसान द्वारा बैंक के कर्जे ना चुकता कर पाने पर सरेआम रस्सियों से बाँध कर पिटती हुई पुलिस...

A poor farmer in Rajasthan was tied with ropes and beaten in public by the police after he was unable to repay his bank loan.

Another twitter user commented as

A farmer in Rajasthan being strapped, held captive & beaten in public by police for his inability to repay Rs 1,000 loan..Where's Justice?

Facts Chect Analysis: Is it true that the person in the picture is a farmer and the police is beating because he was unable to pay some loan taken from the bank.

This picture with the text message has been widely shared across the social media, especially facebook, whatsapp and twitter. So what is the truth behind this news?

As per hindustantimes article it is common in Rajkot the shame the lawbreakers, especially to those who are repeat offender like a thief, unruly youngsters breaking traffic norms on Holi. Rajkot police used this technique to shame them publically so that next time they would think twice.

 The incident for this viral image is from 10th April 2016. As per Hindustan Times article,  a police inspector publicly humiliates and beats a man accused of raping his daughter-in-law in Rajkot. The city police continue to indulge in the practice of public shaming called ‘Sarbhara’.

Many may not like this way of punishment and many may like it is upto the constitution and the police how maintain the balance, however as show in the social media representing this man as a poor farmer is wrong.

The present Modi government is going to complete the 5 years term in the coming year and the next election is quite near. Looking by such rumors and especially against a farmer is not uncommon. Think twice before you share any news on the social media, chances are that you are sharing wrong information.

Sit-ups, crawling: Public shaming alive and well in Rajkot cops' arsenal

A repeat offender was forced to crawl, a thief was made to perform sit-ups, and so were some unruly youngsters breaking traffic norms on Holi. These are just some of the techniques used by the Rajkot police to publically shame lawbreakers.

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