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Oppo और Vivo  कंपनी के द्वारा कई जगह Blood Donation Camp आयोजन किया जा रहा है। कोई भी भारतीय उसमे भाग न ले। यह चीनी सरकार की चाल है। अगर अभी आप ने रक्तदान किया तो अगले 3 महीने तक रक्तदान नहीं कर सकते। इस बीच अगर युद्व हुआ तो भारत देश मे खून की कमी हो सकती है।  जिससे हमारे घायल सैनिको को रक्त की कमी होगी, और सेना कमज़ोर हो सकती है।  इसलिए Oppo और Vivo के रक्तदान Camp में न जाएं। अन्य लोगों को भी यह जानकारी पहुचायें।।

Do not participate blood donation camp organized by oppo and vivo mobile company, it’s a china plane, jai hind jai bharat

Ayupp Analysis – The initiative for blood donation camp was taken by Vivo Healthcare. This is healthcare firm headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana. It has nothing to do with Vivo ( Chinese mobile manufacturer). It was founded in 2009 and currently has 51 to 200 employees. Check the linkedin profile of Vivo healthcare –


Regarding Oppo blood donation camp – There is no news regarding blood donation camps initiated by Oppo. However there is one blood donation app created specifically for Oppo users. Its task is to locate the correct donor for the correct needful. It has nothing to do with blood donation camp.


However, there was news about China setting up blood donation camps near Dokalam in preparation for conflict with India. Again it had nothing to do with Vivo or Oppo.

India get ready for war with china, blood at hospitals being collected

We did not find any significant information about this blood donation camps. So we have termed this message as fake. If you find any such information then do share with us. We will be happy to update such information.

For more information see the video below

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