Brief Outline: Fake pictures of  Sania Mirza viral on the social media where Sania Mirza is in western clothes in India and donning a hijab in the image.

Facts Check: Fake

What is Viral? 

जिन्हें भारत मे मे डर लगता है वो #सानियां_मिर्जा को देखें और सोचें।

Facts Check Analysis:

The image of Sania Mirza has been widely shared across the social media is not new and has been widely shared by facebook group like Tarek Fateh Fan club and Bharatiya Yuva Shaktee.

Thanks to INDIA TV, which broadcasted this news on June 1, 2010.


What is the truth about this picture, well this image of Sania Mirza donning a hijab is not from Pakistan. It was clicked during her trip to Saudi Arabia in 2006.

Rediff , published a news, dated November 09, 2006 and  titled “Spotted! Sania Mirza in a hijab

Spotted! Sania Mirza in a hijab

Reader Suhail Ahmed sent us a picture of Sania from Mecca.

Modern picture of Sania Mirza shared by twitter user.

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