Picture birds dying due Latur Maharashtra Chennai heat

Assertion made by – Internet and social media

Confirmation by – FAKE

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See this. How painful. Birds died because of no water available in a village. Please think about our surroundings. Just place a bowl of water outside your home to welcome smiles of guests.
ఎండలకి లాతూర్(మహారాష్ట్ర) లో నీటిచుక్కలేక రాలిపడ్డ పిట్టలు, పిట్టల్లా రాలిపోవడమంటే..ఏంటో తెలిసేలా ఉందీ దృశ్యం - హృదయవిదారకం.. నీటి విలువ అర్ధమౌతోంది కదూ!! ప్రతీ ఒక్కరూ ఓ గ్లాసునీళ్ళు పక్షులకోసం బయట పెట్టండి.
Save birds,Birds need #YOU this Summer...sometimes its really hard to believe that everything happens for a reason of water.

ये लातूर का दृश्य है जंहा पानी की एक एक बून्द के लिए तरश गए है पक्षियो की मौत के नज़ारे देख के लगता है की किस तरह से पानी का सदुपयोग करना चाहिए भगवान सभी की ऱक्षा करे 

Ayupp Analysis – The above news informs that birds are dying due to heat wave in latur, Maharashtra and Chennai. Due to shortage of water it becomes very difficult for birds to survive and they lose their lives.
But, if you ask me that is that correct picture genuine? Answer is Yes.
Is picture of Latur or Chennai ? Let us examine these both places one by one :
Regarding Chennai it was confirmed by the NewMinute website -
They informed that the viral images that are being circulated with regards to dead birds is of Bihar and not Chennai. This image was created using Photoshop. The Chennai wildlife rescuers informed that – “If it happens in Chennai (birds dying en masse), we will be the first ones to be informed about it”. The news claims that this picture is of Bihar, 7 years back ( ie it could be 2008-09, since this news was published in april 2016). We didn’t find a single instance on google which could confirm this news. In absence of any confirmation we can deny this confirmation.
Regarding Latur –There was a hailstorm in latur in June 2014. It was reported in Mid-day.  
After the hailstorm, among the 65,000 birds who lost their lives, there were 3,150 Roseringed Parakeets also. And the images that are circulated contains Parrots only. So, it looks like the images are of halestorm in Latur district. And it is not due to heat wave.

Note - Dying of birds is one of the most common phenomena happening everywhere in world during summer season. This above message is a hoax but the message is correct. We should be feeding water to the birds in summer season. Keep small bowl of water outside each home. Keep birds alive so that our next generation can see those beautiful living beauties.

 Give Water Save Life!!!

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