News Claim: News claimed by a social media group Free Kashmir, of dead Pigeons at Jamia Mosque, claiming multiple dead Pigeons. 

This is the first time in the history of the world! Pigeons have died in the Jamia Mosque Srinagar due to starvation. 46th Day of consecutive curfew has paralyzed the life of the oppressed people as well as created the shortage of the food even for the wild birds.
The world has seen the black and double face of so-called Indian democracy who has pushed back and turned down the decision of its own Supreme Court regarding the lifting of curfew from Indian Occupied Jammu Kashmir and restoration of human rights in the State. 

Facts Check: False

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Facts Check Analysis: a image is shared on facebook and other social media groups where it is mentioned for the first time in history of the world, Pigeons have died in the Jamia Mosque Srinagar due to starvation. Reasoning behind this is the 46th day of curfew by the Indian government. 

It is really hard to see the reasoning to create and use a image from another location or part of the world of the dead Pigeons, to show them as from Srinagar. Most of the people who follow the group were quick enough to get mad about all this, without knowing the actual location of the image of the Pigeons. 

There are two images shared, by the facebook group Free Kashmir. The first image is indeed Jamia Masjid, available from long time and can be easily found.

The second image is available on flickr uploaded on July 2, 2011 by an England based photographer Craig Hannah.


So the above image showing dead Pigeons is much old than the curfew days in Kashmir. So we don’t have information about the death of pigeons, however it is easy for anyone to use another image of some old time, which is available on the Web and show it in the present time and present event.

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