Pin Prick Movie theatre Sand walk barefoot HIV disease Attack Risk.

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Just to get an idea of what this worlds gone to, read my 2 posts and theirs also a new thing going around where people who've contracted hiv and are displeased by it so they are out to get innocent people. They pricktheir fingers with safety pin and set it up perfectly on pay phones coin/change return so when innocent bystanders are walking by putting their fingers in pay phones to see if theirs loose change they can come up on, they end up getting their fingers pricked and contracting hiv. Theirs been a case of that incident happening at the theaters as well. They've inserted it in the movie theatre seat so that when you sit it pricks your leg. Even people who go to the beach often. They lay it in the sand because people walk barefoot on the sand all the time happy until they get pricked on the foot and have hiv.

Ayupp Analysis – As per research and studies, it is concluded that chances to getting infected by HIV through needle prick is only .32%. Read this article for more details. This kind of hoax message has been spread from a long time to terrify people. HIV virus can never survive in needle. It needs living body to survive. Also read the article given by snopes for further verification.

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