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Viral Message: Did Rajdeep Sardesai’s Son Ishan got admission at MBBS in Kasturba Medical College, Manipal University in 2013 on NRI quota w/o having merit after paying ₹ 1Cr by violating rules?

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Dear @sardesairajdeep Is it true that your Son Ishan got admission at MBBS in Kasturba Medical College, Manipal University in 2013 on NRI quota w/o having merit after paying ₹ 1Cr by violating rules?

Rajdeep threatened almost all Medical colleges in Goa & Mangalore for admission of his average Son in 2013 But Colleges denied so he ran campaign on CNN IBN about selling management seats, which after few days stopped due to settlement via back door.

 From 4 April 2013 Rajdeep ran Medical seat scam campaign on CNN IBN & on 24 May 2013 his son Ishan got MBBS seat. Real face of Supari Journalist

Viral Message Verification:-  

For the Bhakt army of liars: here is my son, a merit rank school topper, medical college admission form. Also marking @TVMohandasPai of Manipal board. Next step 100 crore defamation suit against @ippatel and @TwitterIndia Sad it has reached this but enough is enough.

Sagarika Ghose also replied on the twitter, replying back to Prashant “Sagarika Ghose Retweeted Dr Amit Gupta



e sure did! I'll post up Ishan's NEET results as soon as I find them. Manipal did not use NEET five years ago, they had their own online entrance test for admissions. Ishan has now completed his MBBS and about to start his internship. Am sure your good wishes are with him!”

As replied by Manipal Academy of higher education it is a fake message in relation to, they posted a message “Ishan Sardesai, rank 1050, was admitted to the MBBS course KMC, MANIPAL in 2013 under the General category based on merit. The allegations made about his admission are malicious and totally false. The controversy is uncalled for.”, trying to pu to rest all the allegations on Ishan.

Fact check: early in 2013, many news sites like, published a news with title “The 30 Billion Dollar Medical Seats Scam”

They further wrote

To demand some kind of accountability, CNN-IBN Live's Mr Rajdeep Sardesai swung into action from his usual cricket viewing and dog walking to take another bite at this story.  He  questioned former MoS Health Minister Dinesh Trivedi on this matter.

Trivedi blamed the conduct of the politicians saying

“It is the job of the government to create capacity whether in terms of hospitals or in terms of medical colleges, You just have many medical colleges, just like you've done for engineering colleges. Now there are no capitation fees. This is the gap that is created purposely kept”.

NB Congratulations to the CNN-IBN team and their boss Rajdeep Sardesai for their superb sting operation and determination in exposing this wide ranging scandal.

It is not clear how to verify or fact check and say who is wrong. However both are producing some fact’s which can be cross checked.

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