E-Property pass Book (EPPB)-  Below messages has been circulating on social media since PM Modi had announced news about demonetization :


Flash Important News:

From 25th nov all foreign currency taken out by Indian citizens will have to be purchased officially and receipts produced on demand at airports. Whether endorsement on passport or authorised dealer receipts to be produced. All staff at airports already alerted about the same. DO NOT HOLD unaccounted USD or euros while travelling.All flights to middle east on radar with immediate effect.

125,000 retired Income Tax officers aged 58-61 years have been recalled by Modi. They have 3 day training from 28-30 Nov and join work on 1 Dec. What work they will do is anyone's guess.

E-Property Pass Book (EPPB):

From 1/4/2017 all properties are invalid for one year.

You can't sell or buy any property until u register your properties in the E-Property Pass book.

EPPB will be linked with PAN, Aadhar online.

Owner has to personally report with ownership proof to Sub Registrar office where spl officers will enter all your property details in EPPB.

Once it is entered in EPPB your properties will become yours.

They will have one more spl counter for emergency sellers, mortgagers, buyers where they can do exchange of properties but with full details of all properties.

Upto 31/3/2018 all properties will be entered in EPPB.

From 1/4/2018 Govt will take over the properties not entered in EPPB .

Real Estate Surgical Strike on Black Assets!

Forwarded as received

Our Analysis – The above message tells that, all the property in India will become invalid from 1/4/2017 for next one year. The owner of the property cannot sell it unless and until that property is being registered in the E-Property Pass Book (EPPB). EPPB can be linked using PAN and Aadhar card online. There’s a long procedure to make your property legal…..

There is no such news ever declared by Government of India. This news is specifically created to spread fake news. It is just an Internet rumour and it can be declared illegal and fake news.

Conclusion – DO NOT BELIEVE IN HOAX MESSAGES. SUCH NEWS WILL ALWAYS BE PUBLISHED IN http://pib.nic.in/newsite/erelease.aspx.

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