Viral Claim: The online social media is flooded with many videos and pictures, the latest to the addition is of the Injured Russian Soldier claiming to be Indian Army.

Facts Check: False

Viral News in Social Media Twitter / Facebook / WhatsApp / Others Examples: 

सेना के घायल #जवान को पता चलते ही कि सेना को #खुलीछूट मिल गयी हैं I
#इलाज के बीच उठकर #दुश्मन से बदला लेने #अस्पताल से बाहर निकल गया I
ये है हमारी #सेना का जज्बा 
II जय हिन्द ,, #वन्देमातरम् II

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Facts Check Analysis: The online social media is flooded with fake pictures and memes post the Pulwama attack. Most of the messages are circulating on the social media manly to create disharmony among the Indian society and the people living here.

CRPF issues advisory against Fake news about harassment of students

Searching for the above soldier we came to a Russian website specnaz,, if you see this website in chrome you can easily translate to the language of your choice.

As mentioned in the picture “Photo: One of the symbols of Special Forces and Beslan is Vympel officer Maxim Razumovsky. In those days they called him on the Internet "Russian tank"

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