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Lynching Continues in India — Rafiquddin Struck 27 Times With Swords, shot in the head. The police have not made any arrests so far. Rafiquddin, say officers, was out on bail and had in his record more than 30 cases of extortion, rape and murder.

A disturbing and brutal video of Naveed Pathan murder could serve as evidence of the alleged Muslim genocide in India.

International social media is wrestling for truth in connection to the barbaric killing of Muslim bodybuilder Naveed Pathan, or as identified by India media and police, a gangster, rapist and murderer Rafiquddin Shaikh aka Guddya.

A disturbing CCTV footage, which leaked last Thursday, went viral in the past few days, with social media and state-run Indian media expressing diametrically opposite views on the gruesome murder of the victim, whose identity has been the subject of debate on the Internet

In what could appear as an instance of the Indian media covering up the report of the brutal lynching of a Muslim man on Parola Road in Dhule district in the Hinduism-majority nation, international social media is grasping for any string of hope to reveal the truth about the barbaric video that shows 11 men hitting an unarmed Naveed Pathan with swords and sticks and continuing to hit his bloody body as the man lies unconscious.


Ayupp Analysis –  This is not case of lynching. Pakistani website Tribune has started spreading this news that has muslim and hence one more of lynching in India. We went through many authentic websites who have clearly published that he had almost 33 cases including extortion, attempt to murder and assault, against him. As per reports published in Hindustan Times, Sheikh was a resident of Dhule (280 kms from Mumbai). He was out for morning jogging when people on bike with sword in hand attacked him. M Ramkumar, superintendent of Police informed this. Ramkumar is looking for the reason for attackers and a case of murder has been filed.

This incidence occurred on 21st July and on 22nd july, police informed that they caught one of the accused.




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